The business travel card APEC (ABTC), will allow you to travel through 18 countries without the need for a visa, obtaining preferential treatment in the migration process. This document is focused on executives and allows its holder a more expeditious entry to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The maximum periods of stay are 90 days.

In the United States and Canada, preferential treatment is received in migration ranks at international airports.

The APEC Card has a validity equivalent to the validity of the passport, with a maximum of three years from the date of its issuance.


Apec Cards on this site are used to have preferential treatment in the migration procedures in 18 countries, without the need for a visa. The idea is to facilitate the mobility of business people across the Asia-Pacific region considering that a more fluid movement of them has a favorable impact on trade and investment.


Completing the form available to download:

  • Color photography, passport size (4 x 4 cms).
  • Photocopy of the passport.
  • Certificate of background for special purposes issued by the Civil Registry and Identification Service.
  • Certificate of the company where the Executive functions, detailing: Company data (Rut and Social Reason), seniority of the executive, position, and specification of the functions of his position that require ABTC.
  • Business report of the executive.
  • Proof of payment of the ABTC. *
  • Certificate issued by a business association, which states that an applicant is a business person, this is issued by the CCS after the review of the background information previously requested. *


The value of the card, both the obtaining and the renewal of the card is US $ 100 or its equivalent in national currency, free of VAT.

It is canceled by the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago at the time of submitting the application and documentation.

IMPORTANT: The procedures to be performed to obtain the APEC Card, take approximately 90 days, which may be extended until your arrival in Chile. This, from the moment of the reception in accordance with the application and background required by the CCS. In exceptional cases, this period may be affected by the response times of the different economies and may be extended without a defined deadline.

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