APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC)

ABTC is valid for 3 years from the date of issue and cannot be extended. When the ABTC card expires, if the cardholder still needs to travel within the APEC block, the procedure for re-issuance of a new card is required.

ABTC is only valid for entry and exit when the person carrying the presentation card is accompanied by a valid passport. Each time of entry, the holder of an ABTC card is granted a temporary residence certificate by the member countries and territories according to the time limit prescribed by such countries or territories.

Entrepreneurs granted ABTC is responsible for using the card for the purpose of entry, keeping and preserving the card; not to modify the contents of the card; do not use the card to violate the law.

Entrepreneurs who are granted ABTC must respect and comply with the provisions of the law on entry, exit and residence and other regulations relating to the operation of businessmen in member countries or territories.

Entrepreneurs who are granted ABTCs violating Vietnamese law will be dealt with by Vietnamese competent authorities in accordance with current law.

Who are eligible for ABTC?

1. Vietnamese entrepreneurs are working in state-owned enterprises:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of the Corporation directly under the Prime Minister (Corporation 91);
  • General Director, Deputy General Director; Director, Deputy Director of enterprises, industrial parks, export processing zones of Vietnam; Director, Deputy Director of Vietnam Bank or Director, Deputy Director of Vietnam Bank branch;
  • Chief Accountant or Head / Deputy Head of Enterprises, Industrial Zones, Export Processing Zones, Banks, and Vietnamese Bank Branches.

2. Vietnamese entrepreneurs are working in enterprises established under the Enterprise Law, Cooperative Law and Investment Law in Vietnam:

  • General Director, Deputy General Director; Directors, deputy directors of enterprises; chief accountant or person with the title of Head of Department in non-state enterprises;
  • Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of joint-stock companies; Chairman, Vice Chairman of the Members’ Council, Chairman and Vice Chairman of limited liability companies; Chairman of the cooperative management board, cooperative manager.

3. Other cases eligible for ABTC issuance:

  • They are leaders of economic sectors, ministerial-level heads, presidents of People’s Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities, directly managing specialized activities of Vietnamese enterprises with the task of participating attend APEC meetings, conferences, and activities on economic cooperation and development;
  • State officials and employees are responsible for attending APEC meetings, conferences, seminars, and other economic activities; Head, Deputy Representative of Vietnam Trade Representative in countries and territories participating in the ABTC Program.

Conditions for being granted ABTC are as follows:

  • Vietnamese businessmen bring a valid passport (longer than 12 months).
  • Entrepreneurs working in businesses with business, trade, investment and service cooperation with partners in member countries participating in ABTCs are represented through business contracts. economic, commercial, investment projects and specific service contracts.
  • Entrepreneurs working at enterprises are represented by labor contracts, decisions to appoint positions and participate in full social insurance at the enterprise.
  • Entrepreneurs must be 18 years or older; people are not restricted to civil act capacity or not lose their civil act capacity.
  • Not falling into cases where exit permits are not yet permitted under Article 10 of the Regulation promulgated together with the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 45/2006 / QD-TTg of February 28, 2006, on granting and managing travel cards APEC businessman again.
  • Entrepreneurs working at enterprises that have operated for 6 (six) months or more.
  • Entrepreneurs working at enterprises comply well with the laws on trade, tax, customs, labor, and social insurance.

Procedures and time for issuing ABTC

  • Written request of the enterprise signed and sealed by the legal representative of the enterprise ( according to form )
  • Copy of one of the documents: invitation letter, foreign trade contract, joint venture contract, business cooperation contract, service provision contract or other import / export documents (L / C, bill of lading) , customs declaration, payment invoice) no longer than 1 year up to the time of applying for ABTC with APEC member economy partners participating in the ABTC card program (with the original documents for reference) mat). If the documents in foreign languages ​​must be accompanied by Vietnamese translations;
  • Copy of passport;
  • Copy of decision on the appointment of position;
  • Copy of Social Insurance book;

Responsibilities of enterprises:

  1. Enterprises with annual responsibilities (the deadline on December 31 every year) must report on the use of ABTCs of their entrepreneurs, including the contents issued together with this Regulation. Enterprises must take responsibility for the accuracy of the information declared in the report and commit to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of APEC member countries and territories applicable to carriers. ABTC card. In case the enterprise does not report or report on time, it is considered that the enterprise violates the regulation and the business people in the enterprise will be submitted by the competent authority where the enterprise applies for the use of ABTC card. submit to the City People’s Committee to make decisions and notify the Immigration Department about ABTC no longer valid.
  2. For businessmen of enterprises who have relocated their jobs, stopped their posts or have retired from work, the enterprises shall have to keep the cards and immediately report to the competent agencies where the enterprises apply for permission. for using ABTC to report to the City People’s Committee to issue a decision that the card is no longer valid, contact and return the card issued to the businessman to the Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security.
  3. In case the enterprise is found to be introduced incorrectly by the enterprise or person of the enterprise but not in accordance with the criteria and conditions for considering the use of ABTC, the legal representative of the enterprise and the Entrepreneurs recommended to use the card of the enterprise will be authorized by the competent authorities, where the enterprise submits the application for ABTC to submit to the City People’s Committee for decision and notice to the Department. Immigration Management on the ABTC is no longer valid and subject to other sanctions of the law.

Countries/regions participating in the ABTC card program include:

Australia, Brunei, Chile, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam

Recommendations related to ABTC:

  • When using ABTC you should enter the office properly for business purposes as required, so you need to have the working address of partner agencies, business contracts.
  • On the other hand when asked about the purpose of entry, you must answer the purpose of the trip is to do business and not respond to other purposes such as travel, family visits, visits … you may be imported by the authorities The host country requests a new visa to suit the purpose of the trip.
  • You should stay at the right time. In case you stay past the time limit, the host country has the right to confiscate your card and expel you from their country.
  • In fact, some countries have proposed to intervene in the use of ABTC cards to stay over time. Therefore, you should use ABTC in accordance with the rules and objectives of this card.

Legal grounds:

  • Decision 45/2006 / QD-TTg dated February 28, 2006, of the Prime Minister promulgating the Regulation on issuance and management of APEC business travel cards
  • Decision No. 50/2006 / QD-BTC dated September 22, 2006, regulating rates, collection, payment, management and use of ABTC fees for APEC entrepreneurs
  • Circular No. 10/2006 / TT-BCA of September 18, 2006, guiding the implementation of the regulations on grant and management of travel cards for APEC entrepreneurs issued together with Decision No. 45/2006 / QD-TTg dated 28/2006 02/2006 of the Prime Minister.

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